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Cloud-based Modeling and Planning for Operations and Finance

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Our purpose is to provide you with a solution that will let you feel confident and come home earlier to your families and loved ones.

How good would it feel to let yourself be free to do things that you never thought you could allow yourself to do?

How good would it feel to be confident that your business results are monitored, your decisions are aligned and your daily schedule is never ruined up by “unexpected” system issues?

How good would it feel to be able to look up information that are most important for you within a heartbeat while boarding your train or flight and sit back relaxed knowing that ‘all is in track’?

How good would it feel to be in complete agreement with your collegues and business partners regarding the strategies and goals of your business?

It sounds like a dream….. too good to be true…. in fact it IS reality now, that is called Anaplan.

Anaplan is the first and only system on the market that enables for integrated enterprise planning and performance management on massive volumes of datafast, easy and at an affordable cost. Anaplan is a cloud based application that features the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the scalability of an enterprise software. It represents unprecedented powerscalability and speed. Most important features:

  1. Cloud based: top-level security and zero infrastructure costs
  2. User friendly:
    • speaks users’ language: line items, performance indicators and formulas – not cubes, links or scripts
    • as easy-to-use as Excel –  without any Excel limitations
  3. It is able to easily expand beyond planning and budgeting covering any performance management agenda
  4. Faster implementation and higher ROI: it is very, very fast and handles any amount of data that can be planned or analysed without endless optimization tricks
  5. Simplicity and audit transparency

Anaplan is best at:

  • Workforce Planning: capacity and compensation planning managing lots of projects and thousands of people.
  • Sales Performance Management: an award-winning Sales Planning & Performance Management solution that Anaplan already implemented at a number of organizations. It is a great out-of-the-box value for any large organization with hundreds/thousands of sales representatives/commercial agents. Some more information on this solution can be found here.
  • FP&A and Operational Finance: Financial Budgetinglinking finance and operations, strategic finance.

Anaplan truly is amazing, allowing individuals who are using it to produce a lot clearer and better results within a lot less time, sharing with everyone involved in the process within a heartbeat. So if you sign up and use this product your work life will be a lot more predictable, you will satisfy all stakeholders in your business and you will have a lot more time focusing on understanding the results and making smart decisions.

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» Are you stuck in spreadsheets and want to see and try Anaplan in action with your specifics?

The Anaplan Challenge is our way of demonstrating your current spreadsheet model (or its part) on the Anaplan platform for you to review and share with your colleagues. Contact us to know more about Anaplan Challenge offering.