„Being in business is a spiritual game. It means finding out what the other person really needs and help him / her achieve it.” (Anthony Robbins)

„Good leaders can be known after the number of leaders they create.” (Anthony Robbins)

Cloverfield was founded in early 2013 by professionals with the purpose of providing performance management services in all areas of life. We are ACCA qualified and have spent 15-25 years in business gathering experience in a number of areas such as

  • financial management
  • accounting
  • financial reporting
  • controlling
  • business process engineering
  • system implementation
  • financial modeling and many more.

Due to our wide range of experience as a professional advisor and servivce provider  we know most of the business lines inside out.

We aim to become a true partner of our customers in Hungary, Poland and Romania in managing their performance the most efficient way, and let them come home earlier to their families and loved ones. We encourage our people to grow beyond their limits.

As Anaplan Reseller Partners we provide services in Hungary, Poland and Romania. We have been dealing with Corporate Performance Management for 17 years. We started in late 90′s with the predecessor of Anaplan that was called Adaytum at the time and later was sold to Cognos than to IBM. We brought the system to Hungary and Poland for the first time, put it into operation and localised it. The development and management team behind Anaplan is the same as the former Adaytum team, so there is a strong cooperation between us.

Anaplan has its headquarter in San Francisco, California, United States and has offices in a number of countries around the world. The European headquarter is located in Paris, France, other European representative offices can be found in London, United Kingdom, Stockholm, Sweden, and Vienna, Austria.

Please contact us to test us and find out more about us and our services.